Bella Rush

Heavy weight bombshell

Ever get a chance to wrestle a strong woman? Not having to hold back your intense impulses, having her strong powerful legs wrapped around you tight without a chance to get away.

Do you have the desire to worship a goddess that embodies strength and beauty?

I offer an array of exciting experiences.

I pride on the experiences I can offer to the world. Fully in tune with my body and spirit. I love to connect and indulge in intense moments. 

Playful and open minded, I guarantee I can bring out your wild and primal side. 

* *I've recently taken a decision to fully embody myself . I've decided to grow my lady beard for a deeper acceptance of myself and reach new levels of happiness. After decades of hiding this part of myself, I needed to take the step to break free from the shackles of beauty standards. Now I'm the wild feline goddess I've always wished to be. Experience the power of my essence and glowing confidence, I've never felt better! **



Stats :

Height : 5' 9''
Weight : 220 lbs 

Quads : 28''
Calves : 18''
Biceps : 15''
Neck : 16 ''

Shoe size : 9.5


Located in Montreal ,Quebec , Canada

* Willing to travel if all accommodations and travel expenses are covered *